I’m having crush on him, but how would I know if he also likes me? This is what you keep pondering on when you have crush on someone.

I could remember my high school days when I had a crush on a guy, I just decided to make it one sided love, because if my crush get to know he might take me for something else.

It’s nice to have a crush, but how would you know if your crush also like you or will reciprocate.

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Here are the following signs that shows a guy has crush on you.

1. He may always come around you.

If he is a type of guy that is smart and confident, he would always want to be by your side. But if he is kind of shy guy he would always have an intense feeling anytime he is around you and make an ingenuine excuse in order to avoid you.

You may not notice it, but when you start paying attention to this you will notice it.

2. Send Visual/Body Language.

He would be sending love signals to you such as making eye contact with you, smiling at unfunny things you do, positioning his body in contact with you, just to let you know he has feelings for you.

3. Make you feel special.

Your crush will always make you feel unique, treat you like a queen and always make himself available to help and support you.

He will also complement you for any small thing you do, because he is already having one sided love for you.

4. Stock your Pictures on Phone.

He won’t get tired of you, he would follow you on all social media platform, and download your pictures on phone without letting you know.

5. Long Conversation.

A guy that has crush on you will always look for a way to talk with you, no matter how much talk or chat you both have, he won’t get bored. He would always want to hang out with you.

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6. Jealous.

He would definitely get jealous when he sees you around other guys, he may cease seeing you for some time out of jealousy if you make him get angry. The more you flaunt around guys the more he would get jealous.

All these signs signified that he has a crush on you. Don’t walk up to him in order to uphold your dignity, you can just give him a green light, I mean a welcoming face that would ease his tensions and make coming to you more easier and fun.