Relationship may be hard when you find yourself in the hand of a wrong partner.

It can also be hard to move on after  breakup especially when you truly love your boy/girlfriend.

Once heart is bruised and burned from hazardous relationships, we tend to shut our hearts, most especially when we are jilted by our first love or more than two times by different people. We will feel like not moving on again.

Leave the past behind

Did you know you could meet a better person who is more caring, romantic and trustworthy?

But that is only when you move on after you breakup!

You ought not to be a loser. Never allow your ex to rule your life, and your past to torment you. You deserve to be respected and loved, but if you shut your heart how would you know who truly loves you?

Did you know if you accept the vague feeling, you will easily get over it and move on rather than looking for someone to fill that vague without moving on.

Some of the reasons why you must move on after a break up is that, you are greater than what has been stolen from you. It is never too late to heal and have a fresh start.

Though, your heart may feel heavy, laden with sadness and fear, but one thing that should motivate you is your right as an individual to love and to be loved.

Be your priority first

Mark Twain once said, “never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”. A relationship that ends does not mean you are a failure. God knows what is best for you and at the right time.

Many years ago, I suffered a terrible break up, I felt as if the world would come to an end, I was hopeless, devastated and depressed.

People around knew something was wrong with me then, my friend told me to cry it out, that was when I discovered that crying heals the sadness in us as a human.

There are many phycological reasons that contributes to the healing power of tears, when your heart hurts so much, the best thing is to cry, let the tears come out, you would feel relieved and refreshed.

Most people love when they feel lonely, not because they are ready for a serious relationship or marriage, therefore, there is tendency that they will break up anytime they feel, without considering the feelings and emotions of the other party.

So don’t allow your past to hinder you from living a productive life, your heart should not be closed because you have been jilted or cheated on.

The best way to have a peace of mind and soul is to let go of your past, have a positive mind set, and give another person a chance.

Who knows you could be meeting the one who is truly meant for you.