Why does love becomes sour in marriage? I love you with all my heart, I can’t do without you, we are meant for each other, till dead do us apart. Those are the words that exist between lovers when the bond between them is still waxing stronger.

But why do lovers later become haters? To the extent that they don’t want to see each other talk less of having anything to do with each other. Is it because of their ways of handling love? Is it because of people around them? Is it because of the economy? Or is it because of nature? Who are we going to blame for this?

Have been to several marital courts where couples are begging judges to dissolve their marriage because love has turned sour between them. Who could be at fault? Is it the husband or wife?

In some cases, marriage is difficult if you see any couple celebrating twenty or thirty years wedding anniversary, there must have been a great level of tolerance and commitment, because what didn’t break them could have broken another couple.

Why must we allow love to become sour, is it due to negligence or what? I believe there are ways we can make love remain bright and brighter forever, but firstly, there must be true love. When love doesn’t exist between couple anymore, with the help of a good relationship expert it can be revived, while some can’t be revived.

When love becomes sour in marriage is better to stay away from the toxic marriage because of the following reasons rather than trying to remain in it.

  • When unhappiness is increasing daily in marriage it is better to split up for good rather than losing your life to depression.
  • It is better to step out of the marriage to avoid domestic violence.
  • It is advisable to quit rather than being in a forced love and enduring loneliness.
  • When the love becomes sour it is better to divorce rather than be killed or killing your partner by mistake.

However, everyone gets married with the intention of having a successful marriage, but if the union later becomes shattered and remains very difficult to rebuild, it better to take a walk.