Hi Lovers minds,

I trust you will keep me anonymous as you promised. I’m a lady of 28yrs who just finished her university degree. I’m a jovial person who loves to associate with people. I have a lot of friends, but one thing I noticed about my friends is that they stick to who they are dating.

some have been in relationships for three years and are still moving on, that is where I noticed something is wrong with me. I barely have relationship of two years, the one I had that last most is one year, not because I don’t love or my boyfriends were jilting me, but because of the kind of feelings i’m having.

Anytime, I’m into romantic relationship, no matter how much I love my boyfriend, it usually last for like six months. after the fifth or sixth months everything would become dull and boring to me, my feelings for such person will dramatically reduce no matter how much he tried to spice up the relationship and makes me love him more, my body won’t react to it.

The relationship I had last was a year and some months, what make it last is because I forced myself, but when I discovered I was just deceiving myself, I quit the relationship.

Have been experiencing this kind of horrible feelings right from my teenage age, I first thought it was what they called premature love, but when I realized, I’m still having the same kind of feeling, I noticed something is wrong with me, and this is repeating itself again and again. Something funny about me is that I can crush for Africa.

I’m in another relationship presently which is eight months, I know my feeling is no more there again, and  I’m tired of going from one relationship to another.

My boyfriend is seeing me as happy woman, but within me I’m not, because I’m fighting a battle which people around me don’t know about. I just hope and pray this won’t force me out of marriage one day.

Is there anyone who also has this kind of feeling?


So sorry about the battle you are fighting alone, I understand your feelings. the best way you could fight this kind of feeling is to see your boyfriend as your best friend and also check yourself if you genuinely love him, because at times this type of feelings occurs when we don’t truly love our partners. Then seek medical help, it might be hormone imbalance.  Thank you!