Nobody can be predicted. Are you confused that your caring and loving guy suddenly stops calling you? Or you’ve spent awesome time together, and very much into each other that you never think he could disappear without leaving a note?

Don’t stress yourself you are not alone. I have experienced such scenario before likewise some of my friends.

Sorry, I know is a bad feeling when he stops calling, it makes one feel so lonely even if you have hundred people around you.

If these happen there are some do and don’t that will guide you and make your man start chasing you back if he truly loves you, but he doesn’t love you. It gives you confidence to easily move on.

Here are some tips on what to do when your man stops calling you

1. Don’t call him repeatedly

Why would you keep calling him repeatedly, when he refuses to pick your calls? This is where most ladies failed which make them lost their men.

In a situation where you discovered he stopped calling you. Call him thrice, if he wants you, he would pick your call or call you back when he sees your missed calls and tell you why he had not been calling.

But if you called him thrice and he doesn’t pick or call you back neither reply your text. Just let him be, never dare to call him again if you want him to come back.

Though, It might not be easy, your feeling would be forcing you to act again your wish, you just have to be strong to control your emotion in order to uphold your self-esteem. The more you try to call him, the more he pulls away.

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2. Do away with your phone

If you know it will be very difficult for you to control yourself, because of your phone, why don’t you just stay away from your phone for a while?

For the particular period you are still struggling with your emotions, do away from your phone for a while in order to help yourself. Because, the more you are with the phone, the more you would be waiting for his call.

Drop your phone in your room, don’t switch it off. Hangout with friends and have fun. This will also saves you from quickly picking his call when he calls.

3. Don’t track him on social media

If you think the only way you can help yourself and overcome your feelings is by stalking him on social media, you got it wrong. if you are checking his profile pictures, the pictures he posted, what he likes on social media, you will be hurting yourself and weak emotionally. Make what he is doing on social media none of your business and focus on how to make yourself happy.

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4. Put your mind off the relationship

Most women believe that there is no happiness in being single, but, did you know there is no happiness in marrying a wrong partner or being in a relationship with a beast?

Your life should not revolve around him, learn to depend on yourself and make yourself happy, keep yourself busy by doing things you love. However, you never knew why he stopped calling, maybe he needs some space, so give him the unlimited space by putting your mind off the relationship and care more for yourself. 

5. Don’t tell his family or friends about it

After you done some investigation and discovered that he is good, he is just avoiding you. Never ask his family and friend about him, because they will surely give him feedback and this will give him power and confidence that you still care about him.

When you see any of his family or friend, let them know you are happy. Answer what they ask you, at the time you can also ask them questions but never ask about him, because they will also give him feedback and then he would realise you are happy without him. This may make him come back to you, because men like to chase naturally.

However, one thing you should note is that a relationship, a man doesn’t want again, his calling and texting can’t just start in a day and ends on that day.

He must have been showing his red flag before stop calling. In such case, I won’t advise you to wait or chase him, moving on is the best option for such unhealthy relationship.

But in a situation where you know that your man is serious about you and your relationship is healthy, but he just suddenly stops calling you, apply those tips and see him coming back.