Illusion that everything will just be perfect, without communicating is an immaturity that will make true connection impossible between couple.

Love is the foundation of relationship, while communication is the pillar.

Bad communication is the root of many marital problems, and is also one of the reasons why some marriages are leading to divorce.

Relationships, either dating or married is sometimes hard, things do not always go perfect as planned.

Misunderstanding, hatred, fighting do occur, but it can be overcome if both parties are ready to provide total commitment to their marriage and are also ready to fight stormy periods.

Study shows that when couple first get together everything will be new, rosy and exciting, they easily overlook little annoying things they do to each other.

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After a while, communication gradually reduce, then nagging starts.

When communication stops. It is a sign that the relationship is becoming unhealthy.

When I say communication, I don’t mean mere talking between you and your spouse but trying to talk things out in other to solve issues you are both having.

The power of communication in a relationship

There are several factors that could cease communication between couple, just to mention few. Some are

1. When one party is not getting what she/he actually wants.

2. When a wife believes that her husband should know what she wants without telling him.

3. When there are differences between couple, but the one who is at fault is not ready to apologize or refuse to accept his/her fault.

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Have seen couples who live under the same roof and and don’t talk for months and I’ve also seen some who always sweep their problems under the carpet which later affect their union.

The power of communication is so powerful and It plays prominent roles in our day to day relationship.

You can’t expect your spouse to know what you want without telling him/her, he/she is not an angel.

Struggling to say “sorry” or waiting for your spouse to say “Good morning” first are another factors that gradually hinder communication in a relationship.

Talking things out with your spouse anytime you are having differences saves your marriage rather than telling your friends or relatives about it.

They may give you wrong advice and at the end, looking at your relationship as imperfect one, whereas, nobody has a perfect home. We are just trying to complement each other.

When you communicate with your spouse effectively, there is tendency that you can both fight any problems coming your way.

Communication is that one thing you could do that will help you connect with your partner better!