Are you thinking of going into a relationship but scared of falling into the hand a fake guy? Or you have been in a relationship before and it ends because you discovered he doesn’t truly loves you and you don’t want to fall victim again.

There are different ways to identify fake guys due to the kinds of attributes they possess. At times fake guy could try to be a like real guy, but if you are observant and love with your brain you will easily detect the kind of person he is.

Real men have discipline, self-control, and respect for their lovers while those that can’t help themselves with all these features are fake men.

Real guy versus Fake guy in a relationship

1. Real guys are reserved

Most real guys don’t attract ladies because of their nature. Ladies love guys who are romantic and can pester them with sweet words.

But real guys lack the strength of pestering to get what they want even though they genuinely love but they lack the skill of sweet words to trick women. They are naturally cool, reserved and committed which make them best husband and dad.

2. Fake men are like complicated breed

Fake men can also be called broken men. A broken man is like complicated breed who can’t help himself with feelings, he is unable to control his emotions. He goes through motion of wanting to be in a relationship, but without any zeal and commitment.

Broken man can chase you for months or years to win your heart, he would be so happy and please you with anything you want in this world, but not for long because he will feel empty again.

Then, he will start going around looking for another girl to chase. He can never be satisfied, he is like cracked cup that can’t get full with water.

3. Fake guy can overwhelm you with love

A fake guy can go any length to show you deceit love just for you to fall into his trap, and you will be thinking that you have seen the love of your life.

Avoid being deceived by the love of a fake man, he is like a slow poison that drains life out of it victim. You can never enjoy marriage with a fake man, he can’t help himself that is how he was made.

However, being his wife may sound easy, but it takes a lot of work, sacrifice, putting other needs above your own and practicing patience which man of such doesn’t deserve.

4. Real guy may not satisfy all your needs

One mistake most women do is that they believe if a man truly loves them such man should be able to pay all their bills.

Real man thinks more about the future than present moment, a fake man may satisfy all your needs but you will pay for it after wedding. He might not have any tangible asset to show after deceiving you he has a lot.

It is very important to study your boyfriend before marrying him. Ask yourself is he a real man? You can never make a boy a man, a boy becomes a man through his actions.

There are lots of broken marriages leaving innocent children in pains, depriving them from experiencing and enjoying happy family.

The power you have as a woman is to study who your man really is before saying “yes, I do”. Some women say is never possible to know a man during courting, which I totally disagree with.

A relationship which is being patched everyday will definitely collapse after wedding.

Marriage is more like appointment of one’s destiny, don’t manage a fake man who will make it a term of imprisonment!