uche ogu

A Nigerian man whose man is Uche Ogu shares his story about how his wife breached the marital vows between them and went to marry another man while still in marriage with him

“I married my wife in 2003 in Lagos, we did catholic church wedding. Which was approved by the State as court wedding and traditional wedding. We were blessed with four children, two boys and two girls. My business was going smoothly and I also own a big duplex in Lagos.

“I noticed my wife has been sleeping with men, I confronted her but she denied. I left the issue, as time went our relatioship became unbearable, we were just living together for the sake of the kids. One day, she told me she was going to Abuja, that her uncle got her a job, I never knew she was lying, she went to plan wedding with her new husband. Eventually, the guy married her, they did white wedding, court and traditional weddings, while still married to me, I did not know all of these. she told her new husband she is coming to Lagos to put things in order.

“Less I forget, she invited the guy to my house, she told him the house is hers, that she would sell it immediately they got married. So after the wedding, she came back to Lagos to finish the job of killing me.

“On Saturday I had an appointment to keep at Ikeja. I came back late and was very hungry, I went to the fridge to get myself something to eat because she doesn’t serve me food. I wanted to take a meat, but something told me to leave the meat. I left the food and went upstairs. My phone rang, the caller said, he was lawyer that his wife told him she is having problems with her brother about her house, invariably this was the lie he told her new husband when she travelled to Lagos. Did you know her brother? That’s me.

“The new husband got my number from my house help when she was in Abuja with my children, my wife told my children not to call her mummy in Abuja, she even slapped one of them when she mistakenly called her mummy. The new husband told my wife that they should come have their honeymoon in Lagos, but she did not agree, so the guy suspected something was fishy.

“He called me and started telling me how he met my wife on Facebook, and she told him that she was still single. As her former school mates, they started dating and got married. You mean married another man’s wife? He was shocked, which wife?  This woman got married to me in 2003, the children that came to your house in Abuja are her children. The guy starting crying on phone.

“All this while “our” wife was in the bedroom. I called her out to take the call from Goodwin, because that is the guy’s name. She was shocked and was shaking, for the first time I beat a woman. I slapped her two times and told her if you wanted a divorce, I would have given it to you without qualms.

“The new husband said she had messed up her life, I was consoling the guy and my feet were shaking, I asked her to leave my house that night. I asked the guy how could you conduct a wedding with a woman you barely know her family, he said my wife told him that her relative envy her, that they want her dead that is why she can’t conduct traditional wedding in their village.

“Later, my first daughter said, she saw her mummy putting a powdered substance in the soup, telling them not to eat the food that is meant only for their father.

“My wife mission for coming back to Lagos was to kill me and sell my house, but I was saved by God.

“I don’t understand why she could do such thing, I played my role as a husband to the best of my knowledge. She never worked for the years we married, I made sure I don’t make her suffer anything. I don’t beat her; I do always come home early.

“Now, the guy who married her have packed her things out while she was still in Lagos, that was how she lost her marriage both in Lagos and in Abuja”. He said.