A man whose name is Mgbeodinma Samuel sent his wife, Gloria to an early grave barely four months after their wedding due to domestic violence.
According to Gloria’s mother, Gloria was 12 weeks pregnant when she was killed by her husband. The deceased had been suffering domestic violence, ever since she got married.
Gloria had always reported to her mother about how her husband and his family abused her, but unfortunately her mother was too late to save her from the crises.
She was allegedly killed by her husband on Saturday.
Where he put her corpse in a car and drove to his parent’s house without informing his wife’s family until the next day.

Domestic violence is never an answer to marital vices. Most times domestic violence gradually sets into a marriage when a partner tries to have total control over the other person without considering her feelings.

Noticing the signs of domestic violence from the start and avoiding it, is the first step to ending it. To divorce is better than to die in marriage, nobody should die or live in fear of the person they love. You deserve to feel valued, respected and safe. Say no to Domestic violence!