I wish I could truly love him with all my heart, but the love I possess for him is just an infatuation. He is into me, but I can’t seem to get into him.

I began to realized that love exists naturally you can never forced it.

I have been with my husband for eleven years and I have felt disconnected many times, I got completely disconnected last year. I never had that falling in love feeling in the first place.

Our courtship started because of his good relationship with my child that I forgot to consider how I felt about him.

He is a nice, considerate, wise man with attractive face, but I never liked his body. He has not been sexually attracted to me at any point, I just tried to force my feelings.

For the past eleven years we’ve been together nothing has changed. I love him, but it seems is just like a gratitude for him doing a good job taking care of my child and us as a family.

I have done intentional things to allow intimate between us, but still no sense of really feeling romantic like one hears or sees other couples who seems to have that genuine connection and happiness.

I regret choosing him, because I feel he deserves someone who loves him genuinely as he loves me.




That is very bad of you, it is not good to pretend you love someone whereas you don’t. You should have let him knows your feeling at first place. Since you have been in the marriage for so long, there is nothing you can do than to accept fate.