Hi Loversminds,

I need to pour the burden on my heart somewhere, because no one to trust to talk to, they will just be laughing at your problem.

I lost my job some months ago, and had to move in with my fiancee. My fiancee is the most selfish, insensitive, mean, abusive and stingy person I have ever known.

I am not excited about the thought of getting married to him but then I am limited in choices. The only reason I am still with him is because he is my only hope out of this country. I want to give my children a better life hence my willingness to endure the abuse I am experiencing from my fiancee.

I am doing this for my children but then it’s hard. It’s really hard and sometimes I lose it. I do not wish what I am going through even on my enemies.

I hope he doesn’t disappoint me too. After enduring all of this and he ends up changing his mind about the marriage because I know he can do it. I am sad and scared that this endurance and condoning of his shits didn’t end up being a wasted effort.

My self esteem is lost. No more confidence. No job. I am only stuck with a beast as a fiancee. Life is hard.

If you are fortunate to be married to a good man who treats you right and gives you peace, be grateful.



Hello lover, let me start by telling you that a man who truly loves you will never treat you like a bitch. Aside that, living with a guy you are not married to is not good, is going to affect your relationship and your self-esteem.

That is why is good to maintain some space and be independent in order to gain respect. And about your job, you will definitely get another one. Just put your trust in God and stop seeing your fiancee as the only hope you have in life.

Stop complicating issues for your self.