I’m 32 years old, working in Delta State. I got married 2 years ago to the woman I thought would always be the love of my life. I always dream of having a nice family as my parent had us.

My parent are the best couple have ever known on earth, they are just too good for each other. My mother is such a loving, caring and understanding woman, which I always pray for her kind anytime I want to get married.

This prompt me to plan my life in such a way that I had early marriage, my friends said getting married at 32 is too early, but I don’t listen to them without knowing good marriage is by luck.

I never knew my wife married me because of money, during our dating she pretended to be the perfect woman, I usually pray for.

She is very materialistic, but I thought is normal for a woman, not so long we got married, she revealed her true colour. She cooks anytime she wishes, if I complain she tells me to get housemaid.

All she knows how to do is “I need this and that, is this what your friends are giving their wives? Is this what you can afford? Are you even a man?”

She spends half of her life on social media platforms, she takes pictures of us every Sundays as we go to church, write romantic messages, and post candid pictures on social media as if our marriage is good.

She is an hypocrite have ever known, my family are still confused about what I was telling them and how she used to behave calmly towards them.

Have tried many times to talk things out with her maybe she would change but she remain adamant, what I just don’t want to conclude on is if she is cheating on me or not.

I never dream of fail marriage or divorce in my life. But it seems it’s likely to happen soon.


Sorry about your marriage, at times things don’t turn out the way we planned. What I will just advice you to do is to ask her whether she still needs the marriage or not, before knowing the step to take.