My spirit goes with him but my sisters and friends are discouraging me. I met this amazing guy in my final year when I was in school through my course mate. This happens a week after my ex boyfriend jilted me.

It was just like a magic when my course mate told me his brother was very much in love. I was like “who is your brother? Have not seen any of your brothers before talk less of him loving me, aside that, we are just casual friends, so how come you and your brother talk about me?”

She told me his brother saw me on Facebook when I commented on one of her pictures that was how he got to know me. I said Facebook? That means your brother is a womanizer, I can’t date him.

Anytime I remember my past relationships it makes me sober and I don’t feel like giving any man a chance in my life anymore, because they are birds of same feather, but my course mate won’t stop disturbing me for months, assuring me that I won’t regret dating his brother.

At last, I gave him a chance, and then I discovered that he is totally different from all the guys have dated. He is straightforward, intelligent, gentle and caring. It has been 2 years of our courtship and my love is increasing daily for him.

He has started talking about wedding, but I told him to give me some time to prepare myself though I have accepted his proposal.

There is one thing I’m yet to disclosed about my ex boyfriend, he jilted me because I said I don’t enjoy sex, at times I cried when we had sex, he got frustrated and said he couldn’t cope.

But to my greatest surprise my fiance is exceptional, I’m now enjoying sex just as if there is honey on his dick. But there is a problem I’m having about him.

When I introduced him to my sisters, they were like “your boyfriend is not fine” same thing with my friend. I know he is not handsome but I decided to date him.

Have lost the confidence of introducing him to people, because of the same issue.

Does beauty has anything to do with relationship or marriage?


No, beauty has nothing to do with relationship,his  personal qualities are the main things you should focus on, those are the things that will uphold your marriage. so many beautiful couples have parted ways due to atrocities.

Therefore, for you to have such man with good personal qualities is a gold which money or beauty can’t buy. Be bold to introduce him to people, he really worth it.