Why did I lose my man to another woman? I’m I not in a right relationship? This is the question that keeps pondering on your heart when you lose someone who is very dear to your heart.

One of the problems facing women is losing their husbands to another women, even to their best friends. but one thing they fail to understand is that they cause most of it, but they get confused and worried with several questions running on their minds.

Why would my husband do such a thing? Did you know that a man can lose interest in a woman he claimed to love? most women get sober when they recalled how their marriage was wonderful at the beginning compare to how it is presently.

Here are how women lose their husbands to another women

1. Trying to change your man

In every relationship you must know your partner for who he is. Most women during dating, they may have noticed some character in their men which they don’t like, but thinking that they will change him.

You must know him for who is he, not for whom you wanted him to be. No matter how hard you tried you can’t change his ways. But if you want to change him by force, he would eventually look for another woman who will accept him for whom is he.

2. Not Being Seductive

Man needs woman who will always makes him feel like a baby. It is very easy to get comfortable in marriage, but as a woman don’t get comfortable too much, because there are many women out there who are ready to snatch your man.

Most women after marriage feel too relaxed without flirting or enhancing their men, forgetting that their men really need it, but may not voice out, don’t be too holy to express love to him.

Sex and romance is not all about making children. You must be a different woman to your man every time, don’t wait until he demands for it. If you lose your influence over your man, you have lost your womanhood.

3. Dirtiness

It is one of the ways how women lose their husbands to another women, they look like forty while their husbands look like thirty. They fail to look attractive, romantic and charming, simply, because they are nursing a baby or they have a lot of house chores to do or with the assumption that they are already in marriage.

Being in marriage does not mean you should fail to care for yourself. Your physical appearance matters a lot to your man.

Try to always appear elegant to him so that he won’t feel bored or shy to invite his friends over. Make sure your kitchen is always neat, dish his food in a fancy and attractive plates. All these are minor things that won’t make your marriage dull.

4.  Negligence

There is no way your husband won’t find an alternative if you continue to neglect him, if you care more about your business or career than you care for your man leaving him stranded whenever he needs you most. If this continue as time goes on, you will definitely lose him to another woman who is ready to satisfy him emotionally and sexually.

5. Nagging

Both of you grew up from different family background before coming together as husband and wife. Therefore, it is easy to misunderstand each other’s priorities and perspectives.

There is no way you can behave in the same manner. The best way to avoid nagging is to accept your spouse like that or to correct his mistakes passionately rather than complaining anytime he is around you.

If you continue to nag the minute he is around then you are at the verge of losing him. This can make him feel uncomfortable anytime he is with you and gradually feel like being with his friends or with another woman that will give him peace of mind.

6. Bad Attitude

Your attitude speaks a lot about you.  Are you the type of woman who behaves arrogantly, rudely or full of pride? It can easily pissed  your man off and his family. It is one of the ways women lose their husbands. They are too aggressive, keep malice with husbands whenever they have misunderstanding or even cheat.

Try as much as you can to change your ways. Good attitude is the beauty of a woman, no matter how beautiful or intelligent you are, your attitude towards your man is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are.