Guess you have been thinking of how to stop getting into wrong relationship?

A genuine relationship starts with two people who are ready to sacrifice anything for each other.

Love is sweet when you are with a right partner, but it becomes sour and result into tears with a burden on the heart when you found yourself with a wrong person.

An individual possess an outlook, which stands as a figure, but the real person is within the body of an individual. Attitudes, behaviours and emotions cannot be seen physically.

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How to stop getting into wrong relationship


1. Avoid dating mainly because of beauty

It is normal for a guy to see a lady at a shopping mall and develop a feeling for her instantly due to how beautiful she is, but he can never tell whether her behaviour is good or bad.

You can never define a person by his/her outlook, one of the mistakes most ladies do that make them fall into wrong relationship is that, they easily fell in love with handsome guy without investigating or taking time to study who he is really is, likewise some guys also date because of beauty, and later realised the beauty is fake.

2. Avoid dating someone you met in ungodly place

Where you meet the person you want to commit your life to matters a lot. You can’t expect a guy you met at night club or immoral place to commit himself to you during dating or after wedding.

He would definitely cheat on you and does all sort of nasty things you could ever imagine.

3. Avoid going into relationship mainly because of money

Dating because of money is a bad intention of going into a serious relationship, you will automatically fall into wrong relationship.

Money should be the last thing to consider for any lady who seeks to have a beautiful courtship or marriage. Money does not guarantee happy relationship. Not all that glitters are gold!

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4. Investigate who you met on social media before committing to him/her

However, there are some people who met their partner on social media, most especially on Facebook and twitter, but out of those people, study shows that 40% eventually got married.

There are some ladies and guys who don’t usually go out, they prefer staying indoor throughout the day, such people may be lucky enough to meet their spouse online.

Before you date someone you met on social media, you must be extremely careful, take much of your time to study who the person is really is.

His personality, the type of work he/she does, family background, and friends.

Do you know? There is someone out there who can love you endlessly as God loves you, just take your time to study the type of people you associate yourself with.

You can’t get lost in a crowd if you associate yourself with right people.

Marry someone who loves you more than you love him or her.

A Relationship that does not give you happiness is a wrong relationship. Quit it!