Fighting all the time is so frustrating. At times you wonder why you are not getting along well with your man.

You get confused where things got wrong.

There are several issues that could cause fight in a relationship such as sudden change in behavior like when something is really bugging him and he doesn’t want to talk about it, or when he is facing pressure at work.

All these could bottled up intense feelings and make him express it in a bad way, and if there is not taken it could trigger break up.

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It is normal to argue and fight in a relationship, because you don’t have the same sense of reasoning, but in a situation where the fight is persistent, it is a sign of unhealthy relationship.

However, there is always a way to stop fight in a relationship through the following tips.

How to stop fighting with your boyfriend

1. Avoid negative talk

Love doesn’t stop fight when your feelings are hurt, it sucks. You can’t help it, but to show your feelings. Did you know if you continue that way it won’t help your relationship?

When you are really hurt, upset, and frustrated, you are prone to say nasty things, something really mean to your boyfriend.

Saying unlawful things might hurt him badly, and make it things complicated. I’m sure you know there is no way to take back spoken word. Therefore, avoid saying something stupid.

2. Stop being too emotionally dependent

Most women always think their partners are responsible for all things that happen to their lives. They always think their partners should be there anytime they need them forgetting that they are also human who are not perfect and also have things to strive for.

When you are too emotionally dependent it will always cause fight, your happiness will depend on him, you will blame him for your fault and fight over silly things.

Learn not to be too emotionally attached, try to understand that life is full of ups and downs, where everyone bears her/his own burden. When you learn to depend on yourself and you don’t expect much from him, you won’t blame him for the stress you are facing or any other things that could cause fight.

3. Correct yourself on what he nags on

Better ways to control fight is to try and prevent it rather than looking for a way to solve it. When someone nags on a particular issue and you don’t make correction, it will definitely result into an argument and fight.

My man do nags at times, when I asked him why he nags, he says, because you are too adamant, lol. Then when I make adjustment he stops nagging. One lesson I want you to learn here is that I try hard to make adjustment in order to avoid misunderstanding or fight. So try to correct yourself and make adjustment on the reason he nags in order to stop fight.

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4. Discuss issues rather than neglecting it

Avoid neglecting issues and pretending as if everything is fine. Discuss problems you’re having that always cause fight between you rather than neglecting it.

Ask him, do you still want this relationship? Did you want it to work out? Did you still love and want me? All these questions will help your relationship.

Sit and talk things out. Ask him about his life, the problem he is facing that is making him react that way, if you notice change in behaviour.

sometimes is good to give some space in order to avoid fight, because some men don’t like to talk about the problem they are facing

5. Try to understand each other’s behaviour

At times, it is funny when you see lovers fighting over little things. Some people with different perspective and behaviors can be in love, but two argumentative people can’t get along well there would always be constant fighting because of their nature.

A relationship where two incompatible people go into relationship sharing same physical space instead of same heart space they will continue to have problems and fight.

That is why you most understand the type the person you are dealing with. Though, it is very difficult to change someone, but you can overcome fight by trying to understand his behavior and letting him win for the sake of peace.

However, if you are fighting all the time like Tom and Jerry and you can’t stop the fight with the 5 tips mentioned above, then you shouldn’t be with such person because what exist between you two is infatuation not love, therefore, it is advisable to move on before things get out of control.