Why reviving love in a relationship? Reviving love in a relationship doesn’t mean there is no love at all, but is either the love has diminished or dead.

For you to have find yourself on this page it means you still want your partner, but you can’t help yourself to fight the love that is either fading or has faded.

A woman of 5 years in marriage sent me a message saying, “ I don’t love my husband anymore and the most painfully part of it is that he still adores me, please me”.

One thing about love and relationship is that is not all about our body chemistry, it is not all about how we feel, if we want to be acting on how we feel every time we won’t have a successful relationship.

How to revive love in a relationship

  • Accept your feeling

Are you struggling to accept that you don’t love your spouse anymore? The more you struggle with it, the more you create problem for yourself. You have solution to the problem when you truly accept your feeling, which will help you to gradually have power over it.

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  • Figure out why the love is no more

The reason some people don’t love their partner anymore varies from one factor to another. To some people it could be because of money, sex, personality, attitude, attractiveness, etc.

What do you think could be diminishing your love for your partner, is it money or sex? By identifying the problem, you will be able to discuss with your partner and find a way rectifying it.

  • Change your routine

At times, sticking to a particular kind of lifestyle can be so boring and make your relationship dull. You can easily get bored when things are done over and over again. It kills all the spices you have been enjoying before, that is why it is advisable to be creative in marriage.

Being in marriage doesn’t mean your relationship has ended. Hell no! What bonds you together is the relationship which must be constantly work upon to spark and uphold the love in your marriage.

  • Take vacation

If changing of routine doesn’t work for you, then try going on a vacation. Maybe all what your body needs is changing of environment and special treats.

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  • Take a break

If the problem persist after taking all the steps listed above, then take a break. You may discuss this with your partner if he/she is a type of person that understands. But in most cases it is not advisable to let him/her know you are trying to revive love because he/she might assume you don’t love her/him anymore and it could affect your relationship.

Just let your partner know you are trying to work on yourself. Mind you, if possible you may disconnect any forms of communication between you for a while so that you can quickly respond to the therapy. With time you will rediscover yourself and feel the vague of your partner and have the urge of being with him/her back.