Self-esteem is how you feel about our yourself. Do you occasionally feel bad about yourself? Low self-esteem is when you feel you are not special in anyway or you think you don’t deserve something good, this can hinder your relationship and can make your partner treat you like trash.

Did you know that low self-esteem in a relationship can make you feel as if you are classically low to your partner, or make you feel like your partner is too good for you which might make you develop insecurity.

There are different ways in which negative self-talk can affect your feelings, thoughts and emotions. But it can be overcome

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How to improve self-esteem in a relationship can be achieved in different ways

1. Self-love 

Did you love yourself? Self-love is being kind to oneself and feel loved by yourself. The way you feel about yourself goes a long way in your day to day life activities as well as your relationship.

If you don’t love yourself that means you can’t give what you don’t have, even if your boy/girlfriend is telling you how much s/he loves you, you won’t believe, you will just accept.

How to improve your self-esteem in a relationship starts with yourself by developing self-love and being positive about yourself.

2. Avoid being your partner pleaser

Those with low self-esteem in a relationship always look for a way to satisfy their partners by any means, because of the fear of losing them, which make their partners always use that against them.

You can’t gain your self-worth in your relationship if you have the fear of losing him/her, learn how to set your boundaries, let him/her know how you want to be treated, what you like and what you don’t like.

 3. Avoid being dependent

You can be your own person and still be in a relationship, depending too much on your partner can you lose your self-worth, the best way to help your self-worth is to give rather than demanding.

4. Be honest to your partner

There is nothing wrong if you can open up to your partner, tell him/her how you feel about yourself, so that you can both fight against it.

Components of low self-esteem start from negative self-talk to fear and insecurities. When you both talk about it, s/he can help you fight it through compliments, positive talks and motivations.

5. Celebrate yourself

Celebrating oneself is a sign of self-love, celebrate yourself on any small achievement, that will tell your partner how much you care about yourself and how s/he should celebrate and care more about you, and that will indirectly boost your self-esteem in the relationship.