Stress occurs in our day to day life activities, it enables us to get moving, but when it is getting too much it affects our mind, body and mental health.

Stress in relationships is when one partner depends so much on the other partner, thereby weighing the other partner down. It could influence your mood and relationship negatively.

Couple varies from one another when it comes to managing stress in a relationship, husband may be aggressive and unhappy when he is stressed and exert it on the relationship, while the wife may stay calm and moody.

There are several factors that could cause stress in a relationship such as been abused, when your partner is putting high demand on you.

Or when you are the one inputting much efforts into the relationship without getting anything in return, after child birth stress and lots more. Have you been suffering from stress and thinking of how to overcome it?

Here are ways on how to handle stress in a relationship.

1. Separate personal issues from your relationship

There are some kind of people that always impose their personal issues on their relationship by being moody, aggressive or withdraw from their spouse anytime they are stressed, which is very wrong.

Forgetting that their partners also need them. You shouldn’t allow your personal issues which you may not want to talk about affect your relationship negatively.

2. Discuss it with your partner

What could be stressing you up, is it work stress, house chores stress, or parental stress? Before it leads to depression, why don’t you discuss that thing you think is pushing you down which you can’t tackle alone with your partner. The vital thing is to both figure it out, learn how to tackle it together.

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3. Have Fun

This can ease tensions that arises in any relationship, by doing things that will keep you alive and vibrant, such as listening to music, dancing, hangout, sightseeing and lots more.

All these can easily ease stress and tensions and gives refreshment to your body and mind.

4. Connect yourself with family and friends

Sometimes, when we are stressed up in a relationship, we just have a feeling that our partner’s support is not an answer. No matter how much he/she tries to help, it would just be abortive, and complicate issues, then we tend to notice that we need a space, that’s when the help of friends and family comes in.

There are some types of people that easily negligent their family and friends immediately they got married and depend so much on their partner, as time goes on, they come to realize that the love of family and friends is also important in our lives.

Therefore, if you think this is the type of stress you are passing through, it requires to be eased by connecting with family and friends, don’t be too shy to reconnect with them, talk to your partner about it.

Spending enough time with family can help to alleviate marital pressures rather than going on a vacation and being alone.

5. Self-control

Stress is inevitable in a relationship, especially when you start having children. Most times, nobody can help you fight stress expect you, especially if it is self-generated, (stress that arises from too much thinking or negative thought). It can easily deteriorate your well-being and mental health.

Is it every time you stressed you would be imposing it on your partner? When you are stress up, you need to learn how to control yourself and get yourself right.

Try to find a way to relieve it without your partner’s consent. This will definitely help you have total control over your feelings by not letting your emotions have power over you.

Stress is not a bad thing, but what makes it bad is how long it is experienced and if it is poorly managed. If it is not properly managed, it could cause loneliness, moodiness, anxiety, and low sex drive.

Therefore, it must be properly managed so that it won’t affect your health and toll on your relationship.