You might not know you have entered one chance when he is showering you with love and affection. You may think he is truly an angel and all the love and protection you’ve been seeking for lies in his hands.

Until when he is gradually letting the cat out of the bag, that is when you will realize you are a shadow of yourself.

In  a general term, a narcissist is a person with an extreme sense of  worth, full of ego, lacks empathy, and always in need of attention and derives pleasure in exploiting others for personal gain.

However, a narcissist is just like every other person, but the features they possess make them differ. Studies shows that narcissists are mostly common in males then females.

Are you dating or married to a narcissist and you are looking for a way to handle or manage his behaviors?

Here are some hints on how to handle a narcissist in a relationship

1.Stop being emotional

Being too emotional to a narcissist is like revealing your weakness to him which he will happily be using against you.

Don’t forget a narcissist lack empathy and don’t care about your feelings. Stay strong and stop being emotional in his presence.

2. Always agree to his opinions

Therapy can barely change a narcissist, because they think they are perfect, they don’t think they have a problem that need to be changed.

One of the best ways to handle a narcissist is to always agree with whatever he says in order to avoid domestic violence, but if he is giving order that doesn’t favour you, do your own thing and tell him you are sorry.

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3. Mirror his actions back to him

Don’t forget he is full of ego and he won’t want you to question his authority despite being his lover. In his head, loving you is like doing you a favour.

He starts by giving you different forms of attitudes, if you don’t quickly stop such acts, he will definitely abuse you. Draw him in and push him back without warning.

Let him be the one seeking for your approval, but don’t give him fully. Be a loving wife one minute and the next minute a stoic, that is the best way to get him confused.

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4. Uphold your self-esteem

Narcissists may be sad and disappointed when they are not given special treatment, they also blame people around them for their failure or misfortune.

They make people they are in romantic relationship with regret loving them and they never believed they truly love them.

Don’t let him make you feel guilty about your behaviours, he might be making you question yourself whether you are right or wrong, even if you are right. Avoid being his victim and enjoy the fun of life.

Do you know a narcissist only loves one person? That is him! It is not his fault, he suffers personality disorder which he never considered as a problem, if you must continue dating or being in the marriage with him you must learn all the tips above to manage him well.