Are you thinking of how to bring love back into your dying relationship?

Most people in a long-term relationship or marriage discovered they have less feelings for their lovers, simply, because they keep repeating certain love routine, it becomes boring, dull and uninteresting.

There are something special and unique about love, that is only if we invest power to nourish it, we can only enjoy the love of relationship or marriage if we are committed to it.

Some people quit their current relationship because of it boredom, and later discovered that if they don’t invest power, love and commitment into such union, no matter the numbers of relationship they have, they still quit.

To fell in love is the easiest thing, but to stay in love and to remain loved is the hardest thing which requires discipline and self control.

If you are in a dead relationship already, don’t be hopeless, there are ways on how to bring love back into your dying relationship.

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 How you can bring love back into your dying relationship

1. Romance

There are some certain things you need to be doing that will keep reminding you both that you have intimate you’re both sharing.

The term “romance” has developed wings and flew out of most marriages. It is different from sex, the pyramid of most couples is just work and sex, no night dates, no eyes contact, no kissing, no hugging.

Romance is a glue of relationship, it makes us to feel special, loved and needed. As a human, we feel more loved when we were touched, cuddled or kissed.

2. Forgiveness

As lovers, we can’t do without hurting each other. A husband will definitely hurt his wife, vice versa. True relationship will have fight, argument, hurting, but finally at the end “there should be forgiveness”.

When lack of forgiveness sets in, it dramatically reduces love, hatred and misunderstanding come along, then you find it very difficult to overlook little annoying things. Afterwards, it reduces the rate of communication, Thereby make you lose the common interest you are both sharing.

The spirit of forgiveness is very important in a relationship and never allow ego to have power over you in order to keep moving.

3. Gratitude

When last did you appreciate your partner? If not gift, at least for his/her love and care.

You must always let him/her know how important he/she is to you. It would make him/her feel loved and respected. And try to let him/her know what you love most about him/her. I do tell my hubby what I love about him and he feels loved and overwhelmed with those commendations.

Don’t be too shy to tell each other things you appreciate or grateful about each other. It helps to sparkle up relationship

4. Have Fun Together

Having fun together makes you shares pleasant memories together. It is very romantic when couple create a special moment for themselves

Arrange a lovely place where you would go on a date and talk about your love and feelings.

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5. Re-commitment

We do commit ourselves in one relationship or the other, but along the line we found ourselves lost. To maintain an healthy relationship, you must keep checking the level of your commitment and recommitting yourself into it in order to get positive result.

If you leave your relationship unnurtured, it becomes obsolete or fade, because love fades if it is not nourished, that is why you must keep working on your relationship so that it will remains viable.

You could have a wonderful relationship or marrige which everyone is willing to have, all it needs is to spark up your relationship with all the keys listed above.