Have you been thinking of how to set yourself free from the phobia of meeting people and making friends? You are not alone!

Have been receiving calls and messages on how some people get so scared and find it very difficult to make new friends or maintain interpersonal relationship with their fellow colleagues, neighbours, and people around them.

Though, it is not everyone you meet that you make friend with or will eventually be your friend. But there should be a kind of free spirit in you that will allow you to enjoy the freedom of life.

There are different types of friends, hi-bye friends, regular one and best friends. So, the individual’s personality will determine the category they will fell into.

I received a message from a lady recently, who lamented about her current situation and was very sad about it. She wrote,

Hi loversminds,

I’m sad , I don’t know what to do, I don’t have friends or people around me except my family. I don’t know how to make friends, I’m a quiet and shy type, but I want to break free.

There was a time, I visited my fiance’s family during morning devotion, I was asked to conclude the prayer, I was just fidgeting I couldn’t say a word, I was very ashamed of myself.

I have this phobia of meeting new people and making friends and it really affecting my life negatively.

When I’m in the midst of people, I can’t talk, because I will end up fidgeting. My confidence level is zero. I need help, I want to be a free and happy person, thanks.

So sorry about the lady’s situation, that is why I decided to write on how you can set yourself free from loneliness and enjoy the freedom of meeting people.

Do you know you can easily set yourself free from loneliness and make friends through the following tips?

1. Develop your self-esteem

You must appreciate yourself first before people will appreciate you.

Who do you think you are? And how you feel about yourself? I used to tell myself every morning that I’m beautiful and nobody is better than me, through that I love myself more.

 Appreciate yourself and love yourself, through that you develop self-esteem and people around you will appreciate you.

2. Show love to people around you

After loving yourself the next thing is to show love to people around you. If you see someone who has a minor problem, try to help.

Don’t wait for people to say hi you before saying hi to them. Don’t wait for people to show love to you before showing it to them.

There are some kind of people that wait for their colleague to say hi to them before greeting them, is wrong, greet them first, it will earn you love and respect.

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3. Fight your fear

fear is something that is very gigantic far away, but very minute when you move closer to it.

Being quiet or shy don’t mean you should have phobia for meeting people, they are the same creature as you are.

Deliberately go into the midst of people and try to relate with them, gradually your fear will be decreasing, if anyone is trying to rubbish you, challenge him/her.

Through all these, and continuous practice you will overcome your fear and become a free and happy person. Meeting new people and making new friends can be intimidating but it’s rewarding.

I wish you a rapid freedom and a joyful heart.