He had been a loving man which I always thank God for because he always finds a way to make me happy. We have been dating for three years and we decided to take our relationship to another level by getting married. But the dream seems not to be coming through, because he recently lost his job.

This predicament has made our relationship triggered unusual behaviour and loss of focus.

He later got a job but the salary is small, he wished he could be buying things for me and going on a date as we used to, but due to the table that turn around he couldn’t. And I never complain nor do I bothered him that I need things.

But I noticed he was not happy with it, I tried to make him understand my love for him is not for material things, but instead of him to understand, he started acting strangely, he feels jealous and aggressive.

Whenever I received phone calls especially from male friends or when he sees something new on me, he levels of jealous and possessive increased. He uses to check my phone whenever we are together and even asked who I was talking to anytime I received call which he doesn’t do before.

There was one issue that happened recently which is making me doubt our coming together as husband and wife.

One day, on my way from work to his place, I saw my brother’s friend who was going to the direction of my destination, he decided to offer me a ride, on our my way I told him my fiance needs job badly that he should help me in case there is any vacancy where he works.

On getting to where to alight, I saw my fiance coming out of gate and he also saw me alighting from the car, he doesn’t say hi to me neither respond to my greetings nor allow me to introduce him to my brother’s friend.

I was embarrassed, because all his belief was that I’m dating that man. I waited for two hours in his house that day, I call him more than five times so that he would know I was waiting for him, but he doesn’t pick my call. I left his house that day with the intention that it is over between us.

I didn’t call or chat with him. So after two weeks, he started calling, sending messages that he was sorry, that it was not intentional, I don’t respond to him because I wanted him to learn his lesson and change.

He later sent his friends to me to beg me which I later accepted and forgave him, we continue the relationship, but I noticed his level of jealousy and possessive doesn’t change which have warned him about several times, but promising to change.

The confusing state of my life now is that he wants to come see my parent so that we can pick a date and start preparing for our wedding. I was happy and sad at the same time, not because he is not financially buoyant but because of his behavior.

Have been thinking about it, but don’t know what to conclude on, anytime I remember how we started and at the same time about his jealousy and possessiveness. Is there a way i can control is Jealousy? Am confused. Please, I need advice.



I can see you really love each other from your story, since you said he’s not the kind of person from the beginning, just try to take things easy with him. His unusual behavior is because he is not happy with his current situation. So give him more time he may change.