While preparing for wedding, if the groom is yet to buy wedding ring the preparation is not to be completed.

Wedding ring is a sign of love, faithfulness and commitment. It is exchanged between groom and bride on wedding day.

It is used to symbolize love and fidelity, and it usually conveys information to people that the wearer is married and committed to someone, which tend to scare those who may be intending to have romantic relationship away from the wearer.

But, in our modern society, do wedding rings still contribute to the ties of marriages? Does it have true connectivity with love, faithfulness and commitment in our modern marriages?

A woman said, “my husband took ring off after three months of our wedding, saying it bothered him while he was working and he doesn’t put it on back after work. I felt as if the marriage meant nothing to him”.

Many couples invest large amount of money and time in getting ring, but does the ring still signified faithfulness?

Previously, it was believed that wedding rings are sign for couples to always remember their commitment to their spouses and say no to infidelity. But now some wedding rings are obviously slipped into pockets or bags because of infidelity.

Do wedding rings ever increase the level of commitment?

With the high rate at which people are going into marriage and spending exorbitantly on rings, I think there should be high level of commitment likewise, or what do you think? Lol.

At least, for you to buy the best for your heartthrob, it means there is so much love between you and she really worth it. But why are we having high rate of divorce at the same time between young couples

It is no more a sign of dedication and commitment anymore as it used to be. Some couples just see it as a mere design that is use to decorate fourth finger of the left hand, which doesn’t stop the wearer from infidelity neither scared wooers away.

It should be a reminder of promise

Like I said early, it should be a tool of re-dedication and re-commitment anytime one is trying to divert from marital vows. Look down at the ring, it will keep reminding you of the great day you promise to love and remain faithful to your spouse.

Wedding rings should be a symbol of till death do us apart between couples, or is it not part of the marital vow?