Arranged marriage is a type of marriage that occurred when the bride and the groom are selected by their parents without mutual agreement or love consent of the bride and the groom.

Although, an arranged marriage is not as rampant as how it was in ancient days, but it is still happening in the society.

Is it ideal for parents to arranged marriage for their children?

Some parents believe that it is their duty to choose for their daughters or sons, because they want the best for them or for some other reasons best known to them.

Some other reasons that could cause it, is when the woman in question is more than thirty years and searching for soulmate.

Her parent may help her to arrange marriage because of the stigma of being single and searching at such age

We can’t conclude that professional matchmaker are arranging marriages, because the intending couples must have met, love each other, and court for some months or years, aside that they must have agreed on marrying each other.

But in the case of arranged marriage the bride and the groom have no choice but to marry.

Have you ever been to a wedding, and you don’t see the happiness of getting married in the face of the bride or groom?

Some weddings you will see the radiant faces of the bride being happy of getting married, while in some weddings their reaction to people will show something is wrong.

One funny thing is that some people intentionally prefer arranged marriage to dating because of the fear of unknown, and fear of bad side of dating.

Both dating and arranged marriage have their own merits and demerits.

Some may court for many years before getting married after the marriage, no more love and they divorce, while some will marry through arranged marriage and they will be doing fine.

However, arranged marriage is no more archaic as it used to be where the intending couple won’t see or communicate more than twice before getting married.

Technology and internet have made it easier and interesting for both the intending bride and groom to be familiar and get to know each other before the wedding day.

Can you agree to marry through an arranged marriage?