Hi Lovers Minds,

I don’t wish to tell you my name neither introduce myself, but I decided to pour my mind on your blog, when I saw your post on Facebook.

I’m in dilemma whether to continue dating my boyfriend or not, things are not working properly between us for the past few months, Basically, we met social media, he was loving, caring, honest and loyal, but now his behavior has totally changed. He doesn’t call me, or chat with me like before, when I messaged him, he replied me very late and whenever he talks to me, it feels as if he is not interested in me anymore and when I complaint, he would say he is busy.

Several nights, I do wait for him online but whenever he appears online he won’t chat with me, when I accused him of cheating on me, he said, he was chatting with his sister or friends, this hurts me so much, he didn’t have time for me but have for his friends.

He later blocked me on Facebook, I thought he deactivated his account, but was on Facebook, I made another account and checking his profile, I found that many girls were liking his pics. I asked him to give me his phone password, but whenever I tried to check his phone I discovered he gave me wrong password.

This made me got so angry that I decided to end the relationship, but I love him so much, I can’t help my feelings. He doesn’t call for ten days, I was worried about him and finally called him, but he was very rude and scolded me that I should not disturb him that he wants to study. I really got hurt by his sudden change of behaviour, I don’t know what to do again. I didn’t chat or call him from that day but was checking his profile, he always upload pics showing half naked body and always online late. It has been twenty days and I’m still waiting for his call, because I love him and I don’t want to lose him.

There so many questions on my mind, I need your help. Should I continue dating him, maybe he would change? Or I should act against my feelings?


Sorry, this kind of relationship is frustrating and, if you continue to stay in it, it means you are forcing yourself on him. Action speaks louder than voice, he is already telling you indirectly that he is no more interested.

But if you keep trying to stay with him because of your feelings, you will end up hurting yourself more, the early you break the relationship the better.

Wish you a better relationship ahead.