Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa is a Nigerian singer, entertainer and activist popularly known as charly boy by his stage name and also nicknamed Area Fada.

Most of charly boy’s fan were surprised when he announced that he was going to divorce his wife and remarry her, without knowing that his plan was to renew his marital vows.

Charly boy shares love story on his love journey so far

“Friendship is what has kept my marriage going, my wife and I have been together for the past 40 years that is more of the reason why we decided to renew our vows.

“In my past, I’ve been in three different failed marriage due to wrong reasons, which make me decided that this one must work.

“My first marriage took place when I was a teenager, I don’t know the meaning of marriage neither ready for marriage then, it was my mother who forced me to get married in order to control my urge as a teenager.

“The second one was when I was in my twenties, the marriage crashed after about three years, because I wasn’t not ready as well, it was just to get me settled in United States, but I later left United States because of all the atrocities I experienced there. My marriage to the third woman also crashed due to wrong impression.

“I don’t know I would marry my present wife and remain married to her. This is my fourth marriage, I don’t expect it could go this far. I wasn’t planning to marry her until one day when she said that if I didn’t marry her, she would leave me.

“That prompt me to marry her, during our wedding we had only one witness present at the registry and there was no party at all, because my parent didn’t want me to marry a non-Nigerian.

“That was how we started our love journey so far and we are still together after forty years,” he said.