I don’t think I can ever have someone I could boldly called mine, because of the time, sacrifice, trust, love and money have spent on relationships, but all proves abortive.

I’ve been in different relationships with an intention of having a serious relationship, but they never take me serious which makes me feel burden on my heart.

I’m an introvert and a type of person that is motivated by love, so when I’m in relationship I treat my woman with seriousness, because I believed if there is true love there shouldn’t be cheating.

Sadly, with all my commitments and companionship, have been cheated on by my first girlfriend, second and just be cheated and jilted by the third now.

I do always hear that men are the ones that always cheat, but my case is different.

They are the ones playing on my intelligence and my emotions. And this is making me think maybe I’m destined to be single.

The third relationship I just lost, I dated this lady for two years and during that period, I don’t deny her anything she needs, I satisfied her emotionally and materially.

With all my commitments to the relationship, all the gifts I gave her, the money I spent on her, and all my faithfulness, she just broke up with me with flimsy excuse.

I’m still confused and devastated, I’m still asking what happened and why would she made that kind of decision with the way she always says she loves me.

I just wish she could tell me where things got wrong exactly rather than being left in cloud.

With the commitment I usually dedicate into relationships and it doesn’t become successful, maybe love isn’t met for me.

@loversminds, is not that I need help but just unburdening my heart on your blog, because you said on twitter that the greatest agony is bearing an untold story in mind.


Sorry about that. Don’t assume you won’t see someone to call yours. Trust me, is just a matter of time.