Honey! I don’t like seeing remote on the chair, why did you do this stuff like this? I don’t like seeing you with unmarried friends. That is the way he nags about one thing or the other.

I’m tired of his nagging, but I’m just trying to control my emotions in order to avoid misunderstanding.

He was not like this before we got married, he suddenly becomes a nagging husband even if he helps me with one or two things, he would also nag about it.

Can he ever stop nagging? Or is there a way to control his nagging ? That is the questions of most women whose husbands nag. Yes! You can control or stop a nagging husband.


Here are 4 ways on how to stop a nagging husband


  1. Listen to him

Arguing with your spouse will only make things worst, turning a deaf ears to a nagger will makes him becomes worst from bad. I know nagging hurts, it can easily ruin a relationship or marriage and it can be so frustrating.

Despite that, you just have to find a way to help him stop by listening to what he is saying and identify all his major complains.

     2. Act according to his wishes

Did he complains about the way you dress?, About your cooking? Or he nags about how kids are. Take note of his complains, work on them and see whether he would continue to bring up issues. At times nagging is a behavioral attempt to approach an emotional problems

    3. Show a sign of discomfort

Have you tried all your best to satisfy him, but still, he won’t stop nagging? A nagger won’t want someone to nag him. A bad behavior escalates when we don’t try to correct the doer on time.

Nagging is an expression of negative emotion, says Robert Meyers, he doesn’t appreciate your effort, he is criticizing your weak point instead of appreciating you.

Therefore, correct him and make him stop nagging by showing him a sign of discomfort. Let him know you are not happy with his behavior which may jeopardize your relationship.

 4. Talk to him

Sometimes a nagger doesn’t know he nags. The word “nagging” is most tag on women not men. Whereas some men nag than women.

I could remember when my husband wanted to tag me as nagging wife, simply, because I just have to repeat same words for him many times before he takes them into action., which he also does and I let him know we were both guilty of it. Meanwhile, his own nagging is more than mine.

Talking to your man about it could make him change and you should always let him know whenever he starts nagging, this one of the best way to help him.


My husband and I solve our marital problems by talking about our issues, he tries to take corrections and make things perfect and I love him for that even though he sometimes goes back to his formal behavior or make the mistake again, lol. But I understand he is a human being who can’t be perfect.

Make use of the above tactics and gradually he would stop being a nagging spouse.

what other ways did you think we can stop a nagging husband?