Am I in love or infatuated? This was the question I found very difficult to answer some years back.

I was in the relationship for 6 months thinking that I was in love without knowing it was just an infatuation. We were good friends before we decided to take our friendship to another level.

He loves me so much and I knew it through his behaviors. He disturbed me for months before I finally said yes to his proposal. However, I don’t really love him but  liked him, I thought my feelings will change for good with time, but I got it wrong!

We had spent 6 months before realizing it was just an infatuation, so sad! That was how I tried to close the chapter of the relationship which hurt him so much, but I just have to let it go.

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Infatuation can easily be taken for love, the feeling can be easily confusing, but there are certain ways to know whether you in love or otherwise.

Am I in love or infatuated? Here are 4 signs

1. When you go into the relationship because of beauty

When you are obsessed over the person’s beauty, simply, because you love the way he/she smiles, looks, talks or you love the body shape and you believe you’ve falling in love with such person.

There should be more tangible reasons for falling in love with someone than beauty, because when the beauty is no more there, that is when you will get to know you are just infatuated.

2. All you want in the relationship is sex

Love is not all about sex, it is a way of nurturing each other to make things work out as planned. But whenever you are in a relationship and what you could think of or want is sex without planning the future of the relationship, then you are not in love but in infatuation.

3.You want things to happen fast

You just met your partner and you think you are already in love, you expect things to start happening within a short time you knew each other. You can’t wait for him to propose, you can’t wait to marry and have kids. All these are infatuation.

Infatuation is all about wanting things to happen immediately without proper planning, you find it very difficult to take time to build the friendship or getting to know your partner better.

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4. You expect everything to be perfect

Infatuation is just like day dreaming about love. You will always want the best out of the relationship, you want him to remain handsome, you want him to get your dream car and build mansion.

If none or most of your expectations did not come to reality, it may complicate the relationship, but if you truly love your partner all the materials will mean nothing to you and you won’t expect much from him nor expect him to be perfect.

Love is a deep affection for someone that last the test of time while infatuation is just a short time passion for someone and it can be easily mistakenly taken for love.

When you are in love, there will be communication, commitment, connection and security between you and your partner unlike infatuation where all these will be a problem.