An abusive boyfriend will definitely turn to an abusive husband, and if you are not careful it may leads to an abusive marriage.

Are you in a relationship you find very hard to comprehend and define? Does your partner treat you well and respect you?

We are in relationships mainly, because we want to feel loved, cared for and share an intimate with our partners, but if the relationship lacks happiness and fun that means something heinous is wrong somewhere.

Being in a relationship does not mean one party should dominate, control or have authority over the other party. There should be mutual agreement over anything you are doing together.

However, everything in life has a starting point likewise being abuse in a relationship starts one day, it is a gradual process which your boyfriend may try to exhibit in order to control you.

 Abuse is a kind of cruel behavior which a partner exert upon his intimate partner in order to maintain power over her. It could be emotional, physical, sexual, or phycological abuse.

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Here are the signs of an abusive boyfriend

1. Scare of your boyfriend

When you are afraid of him because of his attitude towards you. A lover should be free with each other, but if you are fond of scaring anytime he is around you, then you have an abusive boyfriend.

2. Too Aggressive

When he always get angry with you over minor misunderstanding, take it very serious and turn it into beating and punching.

3. Denys you freedom

When he tries to know all your movements and control every aspects of your life, and trying to choose the type of life you must live without considering your happiness.

4. Always putting you down

When he always humiliates you in front of his friends or families, make you feel unworthy and still claims to love you.

5. Does not respect you

 A real man spoils his woman with attention, affection, respect and love. But if your relationship lacks any of these attributes that means you are in an unhealthy relationship.

6. Extremely jealous and possessive

When he does not trust you and don’t want you to mingle with friends especially with opposite sex. He frequently gets jealous or angry when you spend time with your friends.

7. Gain power over you

When he uses any slight opportunity to treat you how he likes without considering your feelings. When he thinks he is the Alfa and omega of the relationship without considering your feelings and opinions, that is a warning signs that you are dating an abusive boyfriend.

If you find yourself in this kind of relationship, it is more advisable to flee for your life rather than thinking that your partner will change will change for good. No matter how much you try to change him or endure, an abuser will always be an abuser.

Some ladies think their boyfriends are abusive, because of stress or economy situation. That is not true, abuse is not caused by stress, depression, anger, or oppression, it is a choice of an abuser to be abusive.

Although, no relationships is perfect, differences and misunderstanding could lead to conflict, especially when you and your partner have different views on your ways of doing things, but that should never leads to abuse.

There is always a way a mature man handles situations not by abusing his girlfriend.