Have you seen couples who are in relationship for so many years and are still moving stronger? The secret of a successful relationship depends on how you feel about one another as lovers.

Bad relationships serve as a threat to an individual who suffers unstable relationship, it could result to lack of joy, loneliness and depression.

For relationships to work out, it requires hard work and commitment from both sides.

 Here are some secrets on how to have a successful relationship

1. Communication

It is the first determinant factor of a successful relationship. Most couples take communication with a tip of hand or let me say as just mere talking. No! it is more than that.

Communication goes a long way in any courtship or marriage, where a relationship is successful, it means that they do communicate very well, but not just talking, but they have mutual understanding. it is extremely important to communicate because no one reads minds.

If you have anything bothering you or if your partner is doing something you don’t like, it is important you let him/her know about it so that your partner would be able to amend from doing what you don’t like, but do not begin a conversation in an aggressive manner.

2. Trust

What is the level of trust in your relationship? Any relationship that lacks trust is like a building without concrete foundation, basics commitment lays the foundation of trust.

When you start checking your partner’s phone behind him/her, that mean you don’t trust him. Build trust with each other, keep your partner’ innermost secret, and don’t focus on his/her weakness.

3. Maintain your relationship

For your relationship to be successful, it must be worked upon, most especially long term relationship, try to always keep it at romantic level by working harder in order to uphold the love, and strength, don’t be judgmental, and never compare your relationship with others.

The best you could do to work it out is to work harder at keeping it positive,strong, upbeat, healthy and maintain it.

4.  Honesty

Try to be completely honest with each other and involve God in all what you do as couple or intending couple. A truly emotionally intimate relationship requires openness. Never cheat on your partner or hide vital information from her/him, treat your partner the way you want to be treated.

5. Build friendship

Before being a lover is very good to first be friends, seeing each other as a friend do help relationship a lot and it goes a long way. There are some stages in which you may be tried or bored, but if you are an intimate friends, you shall keep going,

By playing, doing things together, watching movies together, doing home chores together and mentoring each other. By doing all these, you get to know each other’ faults and the rest, and you will be able to improve, grow more and more perfectly together.

6. True love

Did your partner truly loves you? Did you have a genuine feelings for each other? For your relationship to be successful, you must truly love each other. Most relationship failed because it lacks true love, never marry because of beauty, money or status.

Love means endurance, but if you marry someone who does not truly loves you, you will automatically find yourself serving as the pillar of your marriage, taking most of the domestic and parental responsibilities.

However, if you know that your partner does not genuinely loves you, it would be better to quit before it is too late rather than patching it, but if he/she truly loves you, apply all the above tips and end up having a joyful and successful relationship.