At times what life throws at us is unbearable to handle alone, we just need someone to lean on.

The fact that he is a man doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to know why he is sad, moody and dull.

Have you forgotten you both vowed for better, for worse? Yes, That’s why you must always find a way to help him solve his problems and make him happy.

There are various ways you could support your man through tough time in order to save your home.

How you go about it matters a lot so as to get positive result.

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5 ways to support your man through tough time

1. Figure out his main problem

One of the best ways to help is to know which path to take to solve the problem and it can never be solved unless you identify it first.

Thinking of how to identify the problem? As a wife you should be able to read his emotions, when he is bothered, what could easily make him weak and sad.

Try to figure it out yourself because he might not want to talk about it.

2. Persuade him to unburden his heart

After identifying his problems, the next thing is to use tactics to make him unburden his heart so that he would feel relieved.

While doing this you must also give him space by not pressurizing him too much.

Respect his opinion if he wants to be alone, as time goes on if he sees that you have interest in his happiness, he would free his mind which means you are gradually helping him to fight his life’s struggle.

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3. Do some things for him

I do always say this, it is not that much good to be a stay at home wife or a woman that will be expecting his man to carry all financial responsibilities.

Most of the struggles of men which make them get frustrated and depressed is how to handle all expenses, how they will meet up with family expenses.

When things did not go as planned, that’s where you are most needed to fill the void in order to relieve your man.

4. Don’t disturb him with unnecessary issues

Disturbing him with irrelevant issues is like adding to his problems, and it could complicate things.

Avoid nagging or any discussion that could leads to argument or fight.  A nagging woman could easily frustrate her husband to become a depressed man.

5. Share your knowledge with him

Two heads are better than one, the beauty of a wife to her husband is not only her body beauty or bearing beautiful children but also impacting the life her husband positively.

Frustration can keep him from thinking clearly. Therefore, sharing knowledge on how to overcome the tough period goes a long way by saving him from agony and confusion.

Men look very tough outside, but deep down they are succulent, they are like babies who needs love to survive tough time but will never say it. Out of 100% men only 20% revealed their problems to their spouse.

As a woman, after your happiness, your husband’s happiness should be your next priority.

Marriage is not how much in love you are through the good times but how strongly you are to help your partner through tough times.