When it comes to marrying a woman of your dream, your hope is to marry a diligent, humble and decent woman.

Dating your girlfriend for many years doesn’t mean that you totally know the kind of person you are dealing with. There are some types of women whom you must never marry if you want to have a peaceful and fruitful marriage.

God created human beings in a dynamic way, a cruel woman may disguise as a good person, at the same time a lousy woman may pretend as a gentle being. Human beings have the power to hide their true identity.

In the olden days, women were known as the coolest and modest beings, there aims and objectives then was how they would take care of their husbands and children. Their husband’s success is their happiness, and also respected their husband’s relatives.

However, the table has turned around, women have changed dramatically, they don’t want to settle for less anymore. In spite of these, they still play the role of home maker by catering for their husbands and children, but some women are just too difficult to define.

Here are 5 types of women you must never marry

1. A woman that fights with weapon

This is a type of woman that loves to fight with weapon whenever she has an argument with her spouse.

She uses any available dangerous weapon she finds around her, such as knife, gun, sharp object to fight, such woman could kill her man in the name of defending herself.

2. A woman that always accuses her husband of infidelity

This type of woman doesn’t trust her man for once, all she does is to check her spouse’s phone contacts and messages, even if her husband is not cheating on her. And she also fights any ladies she sees around him by accusing him of infidelity.

3. An aggressive woman

This is a woman that makes home a hell for her husband, she is always ready to pick a fight at every opportunity.

She possesses anger outbursts and unpredictable attitude that pissed off husband, to the extent that her man is never happy to go home after work.

Such type of woman can also be referred as a nagging woman who never allow her man to have peace and also fond keeping malice with her husband.

4. A Lavish woman

This type of woman loves material things and also like spending money lavishly on unimportant things.

She always proves to be slay woman who is expensive, and also derives pleasures in buying expensive clothes for parties (owanbe clothes) without considering her man’s budget.

Also threaten to divorce her man whenever he is not financially buoyant.

5. A woman that don’t want to see your relatives

This type of woman is not ready to accept her spouse relatives as her own relative, she is not ready to accept Nigeria culture that states” if you are marrying a man, you are also marrying his family’’.

She will stylishly isolates you from family and friends, she just wants to live a life of “me and my husband’’.


All the types of women listed all above are the types of women you should never marry. If you find yourself dating any of these women, then you need to check how sure the relationship will have positive impact on you.

But how would you know true behavior of such woman during dating? That is where you need to conduct thorough research on the woman you are intending to marry.