Is he cheating on me? How would I know if he is cheating on me? I can’t understand him anymore, he has started acting shady. These are the questions you would feel like having answers to immediately.

Some ladies don’t notice their boyfriends is cheating on them until he gives them red flag, while some will just have vibe that something is off, they just got an instinct that their man is cheating on them.

There are two types of cheaters, the one that secretly cheat on you, but still need you in the relationship, and the one that openly cheat on you, because he doesn’t want the relationship anymore. Which one did you think your boyfriend is?

When we are in relationship we must be very sure of the type of person we are dealing with, don’t wait until you start noticing his unusual behavior.

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 5 Signs your boyfriend is cheating on you

1. If he doesn’t care much about you

If he is the type of guy that always show you love and care, but all of a sudden he doesn’t care much about you again, he doesn’t show much interest in your day to day activities.

And he doesn’t show any sign of jealousy when he sees you with guys or who you associate with, and also when you start having a feeling that you are in dead relationship.

2. He always Hide His Phone

This is when he doesn’t want you to have anything to do with his phone, he refuses to share his password with you, he can’t go to toilet without taking his phone along, he doesn’t allow you to touch his phone without his presence.

All this signify that he has a skeleton in his cupboard, which mean he is definitely cheating on you.

3. Spend little time with you

No matter how busy we are, we would always find time for our love ones, especially our heartthrob. But when you noticed, he always give excuse of being too busy, and when he barely checked on you, he reluctantly has a tangible conversation with you.

He prefers pressing phone rather than having an eye contact with you during conversation, he doesn’t spend much time with you as he used to, always tell you he is busy, that means he has someone else he is spending his time with, who is more precious to him than you.

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4. If he doesn’t call you as before

This is a huge sign that he is cheating on you, if you are the one fighting for his attention, he always tells you his schedule is tight, even if he sees your missed calls, he won’t call back.

He uses to replies your online messages very late and appeared online. You don’t have to wait until he tells you, actions speak louder than voice.

5. If your relationship lacks friendship and romance

When your relationship cease to have friendship and romance, you don’t hangout on weekend anymore, you don’t feel the love, passion, affection, loyalty and intimate connection between both of you anymore.

He becomes very aggressive and mad at any little misunderstanding.  He barely kiss, love or show affection to you. That means he has a side chick who he cherishes than you.

If you are experiencing any of these in your relationship, it is a sign that your boyfriend is cheating. Don’t confuse love for lust.

Cheating is a sign of unhealthy relationship, because of it lacks trust and commitment.