Did you really know who your friend is? We do have friends right from childhood, at times we can’t do without them, but do we really know what friend really means? It’s good to have friends, but having a jealous friend can be so deadly because she/he could act funny out of jealousy.

A friend is a person whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. Normally, we found friends in almost every environment we find ourselves, we meet new friends at work, school, religion places, at parties or event. But did you know that there are some people we called friends that always feel jealous about us?

Being jealous is a feeling of resentment against someone because of that person’s success or possessions. Some friends do love you when you are in the class with them, like, you are both jobless, single, poor or seeking for admission into University, but by the time you achieve more than them, they begin to envy you.

Here are the 5 signs that shows you have a jealous friend

1. Downgrade;

A jealous friend will never appreciate what you do, she/he will always brings you down at every opportunity. The mistake most women do is that, they always share their romantic relationship with their friends, such as, my husband is good on bed, my boyfriend propose to me, my baby got me a car.

All these will make your jealous friend hate you more and more, because she/he never want the best for you, instead of him/her to be happy for you, she/he will make you feel guilty of your achievement. If you tell a jealous friend that your guy propose to you. She might say she saw your guy with another lady. Obviously, she is telling you that your man is a womanizer or he is cheating on you, before you know it, your joy is being turned to sorrow and you may eventually feel guilty.

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2. Backbite;

A friend who truly loves you will always happy seeing you achieving even behind you, she/he give kudos and believes that she/he gains prestige from your achievement. But a jealous friend will always say something bad behind you, trying to bring you down in the face of other friends so that they won’t love and appreciate you.

She/he will be angry that, why is it only you that is succeeding but not him/her, he/she could say, she/he is smarter, beautiful, brilliant, handsome than you,” but why you” and always make a spiteful slanderous statements about you.

3. Attitude;

At an inception of your friendship things may be going on well, like checking on yourselves every weekend or at leisure time, calling or even outing. But all of a sudden they can had a complete change in behaviour. Yeah! it is absolutely true that your friends may give you attitude over minor reasons, because i have also experienced it.

Years ago, when I got an admission into University, we were three friends then, but I was the first to gain admission, they were happy, but their attitudes changed toward me. They started belittling me, despite that I checked on them, I was very sad, because they never reciprocated, that was how I quit and stop checking on them. Therefore, is good to study your friends behavior and know what really the problem is, try to talk it out, but if they don’t change, it will be better if you can give it a quit.

4. Acknowledge;

The truth about a jealous friend is that she/ he can never appreciate you, when people are celebrating you for your breakthrough or discovering or if you are putting on something nice and adorable or you bought something valuable, she/he will never appreciate it, but can display a fake smile so that you won’t be suspicious.

Although, she may be pulling you down, but will be secretly seeking to acquire what you have. You may find out that she/he always have something similar to you, that shows that she/he loves it, but will never appreciate it on you.

5. Demotivate;

The role friends play in our lives are significant, it could be positive or negative, they could mar or make you, but it depends on the type of friends you keep. A good friend will tell you that you can do it, she/he will motivate you in achieving your dreams, but a jealous friend is like fire extinguisher, he/she thrive to kill the spirit in you. If you are not careful, they make you feel worthless.

Never seek opinion from such friend before embarking on a project, because he/she will tell you that “I don’t think you are do it”. he/she will only make you focus on your weakness in order to discourage you.


Jealous friends are like shadows, they follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark. Associate wisely!