Anytime I see aged couples going stronger in love and commitment, it amazes me and I wonder what could be the secret of their togetherness.

I had a brief discussion with Mr & Mrs Lewis, who are fifty-five years happily married. The couple said, there are secrets to long and happy marriage, but it is not a secret to those who always look for a way to have the happiness.

Happy marriages are created by great husbands and wives who have determined to have a wonderful home and put God first in their union.

Marriage is not as sweet and stress free as dating, because there are some external forces that are always there to test the strength of your commitment.

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Here are 5 Secrets to long and happy marriage.

1. Accept your spouse’s personality.

Trying to change spouse could cause a problem in your marriage. Accept him/her for whom she/he is, not for who you want him/her to be.

The best way to help your partner is to accept his/her weakness rather than focusing on it and to accept his/her ways. Mrs Lewis said, one of the secret of her happy marriage is that she knows her husband’s weaknesses and help him/her work on it.

2. Endurance

Everybody dreams of having long and happy marriage, but very few are ready to make sacrifice or endure marital challenges.

At times, things may not go how we plan, unforeseen circumstances could occur which may make you feel unhappy or have bad feeling about the marriage.

Leaving the marriage is not the solution, but enduring difficult time will help you reap the fruits of buoyant days. Every phase of life deals with time.

3. Communicate with love languages

Keeping the love aflame would protect the union from being boring, same as exchanging love gestures.

Non verbal love language are more romantic than verbal love gesture, such as hangout or night date, gifts, words of praise.

4. Avoid Infidelity

Cheating in marriage is bad, you can’t cheat on your partner and except something good to come out of it.

Infidelity can’t do any good to marriage, but harm. Therefore, the more you remain faithful to your partner, the more God showers his blessings upon your union.

5. Build friendship

The foundation of any healthy union is based on friendship.

Friendship sparks dull moments, there is nothing good as having similar sense of humor and laughing together. Being a good gist mate, and wonderful sex mate to your spouse help marriage a lot.

Most people want a long and happy marriage, but few people are ready to work for it.

Mrs Lewis said, “my husband and I see each other as friend, we try everyday to make each other happy and communicate very clearly when we have issues.

” We ignore each other’s flaw and never allow our children to be an obstacle to our love life. After fifty-five years and still counting we’re deeply, and happily married, that’s our secret to a happy marriage.