Why don’t women enjoy sex? It is a question most women ask always.

The importance of sex in a marriage is very great, some women are in a marriage having intimate with their spouse but they don’t enjoy sex.

All women have the same physical structures, but different body chemistry. Some enjoy sex, while some women don’t enjoy sex.

Many women perceived sex as a necessary thing but not important. The way men think that make them enjoy sex is different from how women reason. Men tend to focus on sex while women focus on love.

Sex is a deep and powerful form of intimacy that bonds and connects lovers in a way that other things couldn’t do, it energizes connection between couples.

There different reasons some women don’t enjoy sex

It varies from one woman to another.

1. Insufficient Foreplay

A good sex is a gradual process that requires all your body attentions, it is not something you just jump into, if you are type of woman that skips foreplay, that might be one of the reasons why you don’t enjoy sex.

You and your partner should talk about it by ensuring that he touches and stimulates your vital parts such as sucking of breast, rubbing your clitoris with his penis, and other parts that will make you wet.

Foreplay plays an important role when having sex, it helps the body to produce the required hormones that will enhance the sex to be more fun.

2. Women’s way of thinking

Are you one of those women that show hatred toward sex? One of the problems that could denies a woman from enjoying sex is her way of thinking.

What is your perspective about sex? Is it an important or a necessary thing? There is a lingering perception that sex is not meant for women and most women shy away from it.

Your impressing towards sex goes a long way on your body reaction, you have to feel more connected to your spouse, by not allowing squabbles and minor issues set your emotional agenda.

3. Sexually Abused

Abuse is a physical or emotional trauma, past sexual trauma can affect sense of reasoning. The way you feel about yourself as a result of your sex history goes a long way on how your brain would connect with your body and mind. The best solution is to let go of the past, in order to enjoy your present and future sex life.

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4. Genital mutilation

This is one of the germane factors affecting some women from enjoying sex. It is also called circumcision. Survey shows that 60% percent of women who lament they don’t enjoy sex in marriage suffered from “genital mutilation”.

Genital mutilation involves cutting part of female genital organ, with the believe that it helps to ameliorates promiscuity. Meanwhile, it has a negative impact on it victims, such as loss of sex pleasure.

5. Low libido

It is a hormonal imbalance. It is a type of sexual dysfunction that prevent women from reaching orgasm. Women that have low libido have very little interest in sex or are not interested at all.

Another factor that could cause low libido in women is ageing, after child birth, and unhealthy diet or drugs.

These are main reasons why some women don’t enjoy sex. However, there is no problem without a solution if you take time to work on it.

Note that imbalance sexual behavior between you and your spouse could have negative impacts on your marriage. Visit sex therapist and discuss your sex issues with them in order to save your marriage and enjoy your sex life!