why modern marriage fail

Why did modern marriages don’t last like that of our grannies? It is a very good thing that your man proposed to you, but how true are you ready for marriage? The rate at which modern marriages fail day by day is very alarming. In Nigeria, mostly especially ladies all we could only imagine or more concerned about is how colorful our wedding day would be, forgetting that the subsequent days are more important than the so called wedding day.

There are different reasons why we go into marriage, not everybody go into it because they are ready, or love their partner. The reasons vary. Some may decide to settle down with someone who doesn’t really worth it, because they are lonely, or because their friends are getting married, or because they are been pressurized by their partners.


Some of the other reasons why modern marriages fail within short period are;

1. Women Not Being submissive

 In Nigeria, a man is known as a head of the family, there was nothing like gender equality before, but now things have changed, women want to share same position with their husbands and this is one of the reasons why modern marriages fail within short time.

There are some sacrifice our mothers made just to make their marriage work out. Submission is part of it. But in today’s world women no longer want to submit to their husbands, most of them dance to the tune of “You give me hot, I give you hot”.

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2. Financial Problem

Years ago, economy is not as bad as it is now. You need to pay for house rent, utilities, living expenses and also cater for your children. However, there are some situation whereby when husband is not gainfully employed, it is the wife that bears all the house responsibilities, it certain that such wife might filed for divorce when she gets tired of providing for the family.

And also when a man does not have enough money to spend for his himself and his family, he might become miserable, unhappy and frustrated. If his wife is a type of women that nags because of money, he might act out of frustration to abuse his wife physically. Money is life, it goes a long way in marriage.

3. Not Being Contented

We can have peace of mind only when we are contented with what we have. What mars most marriage today is comparing your relationship with that of your friends or listening and yielding to your friend’s advises. We want bigger houses, nicer cars, and we are also trying to live the life of other people forgetting that we can never be equal. Neglecting how to be happy with what we have.

4. Poor Communication

How would she/ he knows how you feel, if you don’t discuss with him or her? Strong connection between couples starts via good communication. So sad that we don’t spend enough time with our love ones, we are so preoccupied with our phones, we prefer to stay online chatting with strangers rather to having physical chatting with our spouse. Bad communication is one of the major problems of marital vices.

5. Social Media

Inception of social media such as ( facebook, snapchat etc) have exert negative impact on marriages. It contributes to why modern marriages are failing, it has hindered the trust between couple and broken several homes. Both men and women are engaged and addicted to social media to the extent that men derive pleasure in sending flirting messages and women are busy sending nude pictures to whom they are dating online.

We are more connected than ever before but completely disconnected at the same time, we are closer to social media but farther from God.

However, the rate of divorce is increasing day by day due to lack of commitment and focus, what could be the causes? Are we getting married for wrong reasons? Or Did true love don’t exist anymore?