Why do I always end up being jilted? He said, he loves me, but after two months he becomes cold and pull back, am I not romantic?

I thought things were going great, but why did he suddenly disappeared? Those are the questions you will keep asking yourself if you don’t change your ways of dating.

Love is a beautiful thing, but if you fail to have control over your feelings, your mistakes can turn off the most interested guy you have ever met and may affect your love life.

Women easily fall in love than men, that is why women are prone to make early dating mistakes when they are in love. However, no matter how much efforts you put in, there are some things you just have to avoid in order not to lose the relationship.

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5 Early dating mistakes women make when they fall in love

1. Not Giving Space

Giving your partner a space is very important, you don’t have to always make yourself available all the time. Most women make this mistake when they are in love, and it makes them lose the relationship.

Men love to hunt, let him chase you, not you clinging onto him. Being in love with someone doesn’t mean that you should not give the person a breathing space. Focus on yourself and who you are, that is what capture a man’s heart.

Relationship Experts say, “Relationships work better when both parties create space in order to miss each other’’.

2. Speeding up relationship

Naturally, women often want to fast track a relationship forgetting that it is a gradual process. They find it very difficult to resist the temptation of speeding up things especially with the rousing emotions they feel, thereby pressurizing their men to propose.

Don’t ever make the mistake of forcing your man to propose or planning wedding, if you don’t want to be jilted again. Men love to have their freedom, and do things according to their feelings. Fasting things up will only makes him withdraw or make the relationship unhealthy one.

3. Cohabiting

Why being a wife to your boyfriend? You started living together as couple within few months of dating, and you expect him to commit to the relationship?

Men love women who have dignity, that doesn’t rush to bed with them. Cohabitation is the worst dating mistake you must avoid, because it easily detach emotional connection, weaken and tear relationship apart.

You must resist cohabitation in order to have a successful relationship and happy a marriage.

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 4. Showing off your relationship to friends

Letting your friends know how much your man loves you, how much he is spending on you, or how rich he is, what your man loves and what he doesn’t like.

All these are what women like boosting on, meanwhile they are exposing their relationships to danger because they never knew who is who. 

Sonia, 28 years old, said, I was telling my friends about my boyfriend without knowing that one of them will go seduce him, that is how I lost my boyfriend to my friend.

5. Spending for your man

Here is another common mistake among rich women who always complain of failed relationship.

Men are hardwired to be providers, whenever you intend to take charge of his finance by paying for bills, and he doesn’t oppose it. It would make him feel like he’s not good enough and it may hinder his self-esteem.

This may make him change his thinking and feelings towards you, thereby turning his love to lust and start thinking of how to extract money from you.

Relationship is a stage by stage process, when it gets to the last stage you can compliment him, but don’t spend too much on him.

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If you have been making any of these early dating mistakes, try and work on yourself in order to avoid being jilted continuously.

What others dating mistakes did you think some women make?